EDERA – European Development Educational and Research Association is a multidisciplinary, not-for-profit association based in Pescara, Italy. EDERA was born the last august, so this is the second European project at which it takes part. It started up from the long experience and high expertise of its founders in the field of research, training, project planning/management and consulting on public funds.

EDERA is a node in a network of other associations, local authorities (municipalities and provinces), schools and institutions of national and international training

It represents an important chance for young people, women, public entities and business companies to raise the level of knowledge about the EU opportunities and provides them with further competences in the field of project planning and language/cultural exchange.

In the last decade, the members of EDERA have successfully drafted and participated in several projects (EU and national projects) focusing on social and pedagogic research, higher and vocational education and e-learning and maintain close links with social partners in the fields of social inclusion, special education and youth empowerment. Its members experience has been central to studying social change, including migration policies,  during the economic crisis, working with unemployed young and women with migration background and with women employed in the informal economy. In fact its members have a long experience in the following areas: Social research, cultural mediation, ICT, training, European planning, counseling, accounting.  EDERA staff has long-standing working relationships with local bodies, local VET, universities, third sector and regional government that will be crucial to the success of the project and will allow for effective dissemination and valorisation of Y.E.S. 4 E.C – Youth empowerment strategies for European cohesion.

Maria Sulpizio is one of the founding member of Edera Association. She obtained a degree in Political Science from Bologna University in 1999. She has achieved a wide experience in the planning and management of complex projects and also in the reporting of expenses. She carried out activities in the project Intemigra, a study on the inclusion of immigrants, funded by the Interreg IIIB (year 2000/2002); also she contributed to the design and management of training courses funded by the ESF. She participated in the drafting and implementation of three projects funded by the European Fund for Immigration and lead by Territorial governmental Office, a local section Ministry of the Interior, “PROVINCIAL PLAN FOR STUDENTS WELCOMING IN SCHOOLS” in 2010; – “PAR.I.Participation for Integration” in 2012 and Partner –  Partnership Network Reinforcement in 2014.

Vittorio Lannutti: PhD in Social Sciences, trainer and counselor. He has a long experience in the management of groups of the young people inasmuch he worked as educator and counselor in a aggregation center, in high schools for the implementation of projects of education to legality and in European projects in which young with migrant background were involved. He is one of co-founder of EDERA. He have planned and worked in several project funded by the EIF. Moreover he has done many researches about the migration phenomena, in fact he is author and co-author of several articles, essays and books related to migration phenomenon.. His main issues of research are: the identity paths of the second generations, the integration of immigrant women, the migration policies. Actually he is involved in a research about the European migration policies for Cécile Kashetu Kyenge, member of the European Parliament.

Mario Nanni graduated in Electronical Engineering (computer address) at L’Aquila University in 2003. He has a 2nd level master’s degree and dozens of specializing courses on most aspects of the computing world, both public and private. He has achieved a wide experience in the planning and management of complex projects because of long years working in a computer company that manages the information system of the Province of Chieti and he is working as a computer expert inside the the social services of the municipality of Ortona from 3 years. His experience ranges from public to private having worked both as project manager and as system integrator with diverse regional realities. He participated in the drafting and implementation of three projects with European Funds, the first one is Interreg (2008 – SIST – Tourist and sports information system), the second one Equal linea in 2005/6 and the third one is Partner –  Partnership Network Reinforcement in 2014.